I’m Jeff O’Dea, and I hope to be YOUR next 234th Civil District Court Judge.

Since I began my legal career as a prosecutor with the Harris County District Attorney in 1984, I have focused exclusively on trial law. I have litigated literally hundreds upon hundreds of cases on both sides of the docket, representing most every kind of dispute. I have worked in boutique firms and in large firms. I have been a partner, professor, solo practitioner, and in-house counsel. Every aspect and iteration of my career has proudly been that of a trial lawyer.

I share all this with you, the voters of Harris County, for one simple reason: of all the qualifications for judge, experience matters most. With experience comes an understanding of the law in historical context. With experience comes familiarity with the people and processes of our court system. With experience comes wisdom and impartiality. With experience comes a broader understanding of people, and their motivations and needs. With experience comes the ability to judge fairly.

Experience has also made me acutely aware of the barriers to accessing our legal system, and the protections it provides. The costs and protocols of litigation have presented insurmountable barriers to the justice system for too many, and for too long. As your Judge, it will be my earnest goal to streamline and standardize the judicial process in the 234th District Court. I will work tirelessly to eliminate needless waste of resources, reduce the costs of litigation, and provide equal access to the law by all.

I’m Jeff O’Dea, and I thank you for your support.